Child 1 age or keen on the night, the shock of the mother discovered the truth through the camera

Find the middle of the night and wake often cry screams, young mother taking the appointment unexpectedly discovered the truth of outrage over the camera.

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Because of busy work, many families have small children often tend to hire a housekeeper to help oversee child care, more comprehensive. However, not a few cases of nanny is hired on the action causing violence, abuse children with severely affected both physically and mentally.

Sister Store in the city of Dongying, Shandong province, China has this year a son was 1 year old. See the busy bride go do not have the time to look you should husband mother had hired a housekeeper from the company managing the family home with child care duties is primarily.

But, a few months ago, Ms. Liu noticed her son had these strange manifestations. Children from a child's lovely, dynamic becomes boy or aggression. Regular baby awake at midnight, crying in the scream horror and just dive into the mother. This status lasted continuously for some time cause she Saved not from anxiety.

For that matter, she had an appointment with the doctor. But just before putting the health check ride, the mother was the shock of the discovery of the video due to camera in home recording. At the time, she understood the cause why your son or wake up crying every night.

"I have the camera mounted in indoor track but not those to Italy. One day, at work, holding the phone on hand then I accidentally open the right nanny are hitting their children. I shudder tremble but that it only happens 1 time only, can by nursery not be resting should have such actions, then I will call the brokerage firm to settle. But open history video out see the shock, I discovered that my day turned out also, "Ms. Liu said.

After watching a video at the sailings are back in 3 days, you save the prelates to see nanny slaps a child, then coax. Baby out at his grandmother, nanny back to pinch him one. Because when the baby is asleep, let go of the screen down so the image is quite blurry.

Too angry, she Saved immediately return home and confront with the nanny. Initially, the nanny denied this but after she Saved for accept the evidence, to admit his behavior. Justification about this, said do not sleep enough sleep themselves should be the heat.

It is known that every month, the family she Saved money feed handle in moderate for nanny just to pay for the management of companies is 3,500 Yuan (nearly 12 million) fee to hire people. When it discovered this, she had the police and asked the company to manage the nursery must be responsible.

Note When the rental look older

To avoid the happening of the accident no pity for young similar to the incident on, parents need to keep in mind when hiring a housekeeper looks young:

-Should find the intimate family, so parents will know each person's personality and the room except the bad cases as the temporarily missing.

-Should treat maids as dealing with the family, to show my respect to them not feel discrimination, avoid "angry mother did".

-Install the tracking system as the camera at home for convenience of interest to you and to have proof when necessary about helping people deal with their abuse.

-Regularly chat with the real smarts to learn whether she is experiencing difficult said would involve assisting people or not.

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