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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ tháng mười một, 2017

Child 1 age or keen on the night, the shock of the mother discovered the truth through the camera

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Find the middle of the night and wake often cry screams, young mother taking the appointment unexpectedly discovered the truth of outrage over the camera.

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Because of busy work, many families have small children often tend to hire a housekeeper to help oversee child care, more comprehensive. However, not a few cases of nanny is hired on the action causing violence, abuse children with severely affected both physically and mentally.


Sister Store in the city of Dongying, Shandong province, China has this year a son was 1 year old. See the busy bride go do not have the time to look you should husband mother had hired a housekeeper from the company managing the family home with child care duties is primarily.

But, a few months ago, Ms. Liu noticed her son had these strange manifestations. Children from a child's lovely, dynamic becomes boy or aggression. Regular baby awake at midnight, crying in the scream horror and just dive int…