Weight "surge" of nutrient foods for more than Javhd 100

The healthy weight to determine what to eat?

To determine a healthy weight, two groups of nutrition is the most important and you must enhance plug-in ratio, antioxidants help rid the Adult Sex body of waste and toxin protein is to establish your muscle bundle of materials to help determine the weight stable.

Your diet, if you can not guarantee two groups of substances, green algae (also known as spirulina - super food is a great source of Spirulina nutrition) supplement two group material enough. Especially the nutrients in 100 are full of food, you need enough nutrition to human spirulina algae were WHO announced the "Spirulina food algae the ideal is the humanity in twenty-first Century".

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The sun is algae and algae sprilina 95% pure ingredients, vitamin C and minerals of zinc, which is the perfect natural food nutrients, gathered necessary things in need: want to lean body weight

1. Provide natural nutrition more than 100 of the needs of the body, which contains large amounts of protein are higher (up to 65%), there are 18 kinds of amino acids, in a total of 20 species and 8 species have enough body can not synthesis, must be supplemented daily with food, each amino acid is recycled materials to human tissue, create a framework the muscles, tendons, the necessary condition to measure.

2. Gla - the host of useful material stimulation and hormonal regulation of prostaglandin produced every cell of the body, skin, heart and circulatory system. This is not the lack of body fat.


3. To help rid the body of waste products from the oxidation of toxic substances: phycocyanin, chlorophyll, anti beta caroten exclusion, help the agglomeration of toxins in the body for a long time, help strengthen the immune system.

4. Eat delicious stimulation, increase appetite, mineral zinc, because of the importance of a complete micro material essential, also contains a lot of fiber development and create a better environment for bacteria to improve absorptive capacity.

5. Help sleep, deep sleep, reduced pressure, pressure: the vitamin B group (B1 and B12, from 2 - phenylalanine) and amino acid tryptophan.

Thin people eat more, the weight is not good food cannot be absorbed because of the lack of the predominant intestinal bacteria for digestive system. These bacteria secrete a task.

The error in the choice of food weight

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Many people also believe that eating more food, such as fat, fatty food, fried cake, candy, drinks a lot of butter, sugar, starch, water feast, easy to get fat. But in fact your food is a criminal digestive system load to absorption and digestion, because they contain too much fat and sugar.

Sloths eat all kinds of vegetables, vegetables contain large amounts of matter and antimatter and oxidation behavior, help rid the body of enhanced resistance. The cleaning body is an important premise is to promote the process of creating increased weight. Because all the food we eat and drink, daily environmental pollution, the accumulation of toxin resistance will decline, poor health, decomposition and absorption. In addition, multi fiber vegetables and anti oxidation material environment conducive to the development of bacteria in the gut, is conducive to enhancing function, help digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Eat more protein from a variety of animal meat, N C contains a lot of protein, but with a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol is harmful to health. In addition, from animal sources of protein to absorb more protein foods, such as vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts, spinach Leng vegetables, broccoli green seeds (seeds, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts,...).

Dinner: dinner is not enough material, must ensure that sufficient material group four (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals), but you must have three meals of four groups of substances?

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