To hear his wife's ex husband daniella rush bitter praise "good"

Tung and Introspection is the University, Tung prefers Introspection should he persist in pursuing her 4 years, but Introspection never emotional response.

6 years after graduation, and Introspection again accidentally met, at the moment of introspection has divorce with my husband. The beauty of that salty Introspection still did not decline, on the contrary, by the time you add the stroke edgy and sophisticated.

Spare parts for emotional Introspection remains intact as beginnings, that is, this Widget guts love to her again, unbelievably real, this Min., for more than a year to accept love, although the sides know rotten habit similar but both still decide to proceed to marriage.

Tung feels offended, I want to ask my wife straight in-room sauna for all out. Why does she have to say bad with such close friends, if she's not happy, talk straight to you, he is my husband right there are users.

When the news hasn't eased, Tung was "rubbing salt" Introspection into the wound when she added a few questions with close friends: "If you Widget can learn the technique, the ex-husband's bed or know, sometimes I also like to" it "be sublimated, but he always makes me feel dissapointed , next to him, I've never met, I also understand, daughter each foot as bad a life, the husband has nothing but blame him, but truly, I feel regret when he marries, the tasteless and bland Lam ".

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The first time, the lives of two people kissing very happy, and always create surprise for Introspection, love of two people always teeming with the sweet and fresh. They sometimes have disagreements, but both because that endure. Gradually, Introspection and realized the room conversation, both not in harmony.

One day, Tung accidentally hear Introspection to chat with her friend, this is also the tragedy made him fall into the spiral of suffering is not a way to escape, feelings between Tung and Introspection that also became a stalemate.

That day, Tung heard Introspection told her friend: "You never know" Parts I want and need, why he's thoughtful and gentle as old husband? The room story, he only sustained a forever posture, he was always impatient, very poor expression, body fat and heavy, he looked at what isn't attractive style ". Listen to compare yourself to old husband wife, acrid and bitter feeling in the Parts of the mouth.

Listen to here, Tung is no longer concerned enough to hear the words of his wife, he is close friends with the gauge element silent step on their rooms.

These days gone heavily. Tung thinks, who was his wedding fell in love really is a happy thing, but on the contrary, it is the start of the chain on the long suffering.

Now, each time to do "it" with Introspection, Tung has always been distracted, because you always think of things you blame Introspection with Gossip Girl, the words haunted Ghost Talk Introspection in mind, you don't argue to delete way and no longer feel the excitement when do "it" with his wife. 

Tung feel married life present truth, his mood is always sorrow. Probably would love between him and not enough deep Introspection to sympathy for each other?

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