The truth behind the ebony ass accepts the husband to his wife "dumped" to other times

Both men, if the wife was "bastard" forgive, love wife, must enthusiasm, or do not want to let the family hurt at all costs. But if to forgive second times, third times or more, perhaps things are not. This time, behind the tolerance the hidden inside you is very important. The situation is this!
- you have a lover outside you and your wife, all the neighbors do not know who is your wife. And even the replacement Movie Pornstar of several masters hold people at your wife won't even have to hide their boyfriend, also let the lovers come to receive, so soon the whole block all know.

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What made you again most willing to "turn a deaf ear to his wife" bastard "? This is a reason to convince you, in this world there is a man who can accept common wife? Your husband wife is none of the people who say it, but it does not mean that no one knows. Someone close to your home, well-informed, so the real reason why people whisper behind.
This is your natural voice and capable, when agile when your daughter, I already have their own store sales of building materials. You are the most important work of economic precarious, the whole family depends on you. Of course, the concentration of power at home with my hand. But how to let you suffer easily wife shame "bastard" again and again!
This is very important, last year, my father addicted to gambling, owed a lot of money. People crazy debt at home, but followed by a period of time you couldn't remember. You must be good, my parents are opening to borrow money at home wife. I want to agree to peace, but you write less well, do not charge interest.

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This solves an important time, you find your wife, you are a businessman's wife. Are you mad, asked his wife, scold go also to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily who knows you and divorce. Divorce, to tell mom and Dad, I give you immediately.
You are very important people woodenly. How is this possible? Do you recommend to your parents, you should forgive her once, of course, if you have money, will give you the response and you fully support your divorce. No one wants a wife was having an affair, can only make do.
Money is not the most important, what other methods are accepted to forgive his wife. Now I know I've got a peaceful husband and in laws of commodity, become more casual, calm to you, for you again and again, but I don't want to divorce, because I go home or treat her husband, because I know that if you put people into a dead end, did not dare to do. What they are not afraid.

Your attitude is very important? Everyone can see you treat a normal wife hasn't happened, not what you see when the family quarrel loudly. Even in my stomach feeling, perhaps only God knows what you know.
People are afraid to ask him to hesitate in front of him, he pretended not to know or not smile, is still normal. Some people dare to suggest when asked, you X have a smile: "you to be my wife, I know that your wife is what kind of! ". My husband said, neighbors want to advice!

Your appearance does not seem important, what is true, but everything inside the emotional confusion surrounds his life. Money, no, my parents are. Now people borrow money to give you peace, in L

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