The surprising response mone divine to the young woman in public.

A small social experiment was done to see how people react to how women breastfeeding in public Av 3D transport in the UK. 
And was surprised with the reaction of most people who witnessed this leads us to think. Watch the video below. 

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Within 10 seconds, a man sitting near lactating women become upset by the sight mothers breastfeed their children on public vessels. He told her: "Sorry, you are breastfeeding are not you?" And then this woman replied: "Yes, I am for my child feeding." The man looked outraged and say "I do not want to cause controversy or prohibit anything but I feel uncomfortable about it."

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Controversy argument between two people quickly moves to quarrel and shout until a few people on the boat ride along (those who do not recognize this as a social experiment on youtube) participate in protecting women and opposition to the reaction of the other man (who is acting very reached). One guy even stood up and sat next to a woman between breastfeeding and the man was trying screaming, and told him: "You are behaving slightly outrageous."

Also at this time, other people on the train are also involved in the story to suggest men are trying other was screaming protest just go away and not bother anymore. But then, this man became a little disturbed psychologically and back screaming with everyone around is trying to protect women who are breastfeeding the other. 

Ending the "play", the crew comes in and they praised the man who sat among lactating woman and the other man, he is shown as a "hero".

The job though is an experiment but it has been very realistic assessment of the attitude of people towards women breastfeeding in public. There are many who support it in a positive way and express their views, but also those who just sat there watching the ongoing work without interference. All of us are keen to have more people like the man, stood up and came close to protect women who are breastfeeding. Anyway, breastfeeding in public places is not always necessary issues to debate whether or not they deserve protection !.

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