Science has proved that three kinds free porn massage of pain and pressure.

When the pressure is no longer inspire you to finish your work, take care of yourself...... Even attack a Porn Anal label, you need to learn the skills, let the brain from the pain of body and spirit.

Many reputation brought pressure, but not all the pressure is evil. A "good" pressure, help you quickly see a car in the street, or run, prompting you to finish the work on time. Your body to enter the state of protection, to give you the best level of the immune system, heart rate, attention and memory to remember is to help improve the survivability.
However, when a chronic stress (such as wake up night after night, until the exams, it will become) "bad" pressure. This may affect your health, you will really feel under attack. However, this is not just a feeling. Your body will automatically react as if it is under threat.
When your body (but not continuous, sometimes scary) to protect yourself, your system will be very tired, began to decrease. The immune system and reduce inflammation, outbreak, attention and memory began to produce low sleep problems. Other physical changes are possible, like shallow breathing, tension, anxiety and stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline release.

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Unless you live in a normal form of the battlefield, threats from internal pain and anxiety, so defensive response usually short. The body has no intention of attacking their reaction, make the problem more serious.
It is easy to feel you are powerless against this kind of pressure, but the research shows that there are many things you can do. The development of the original solution, not in pain or negative emotions. On the contrary, you must change your brain and body reaction. The scientists suggest that "skills training" of the brain from the pain of body and spirit.
Relax and meet the stability of nervous system

In response to relax direct confrontation, increase the pain and sorrow, upright. To do this, try these exercises diaphragmatic breathing or breathing exercises of yoga. Relax the direction will help stabilize the entire brain and body. The execution is very simple: you can download the audio file to the mobile phone, wearing a headset, eyes closed, immersed in a calm state.
There is ease of nervous system by lowering the blood pressure will relax the direction of heart rate and muscle tension, while increasing blood flow. When the heart is in pain or anxiety stress, breathing becomes rapid and farm. These studies indicate that, when changing a conscious breath, you can quickly change the feeling, and in doing so, your heart into a state of peace and relax. When you signal "attack" was put out, physiological, mental and physical state of the signal into the "trust and security, promote physical and mental health.

In the study of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan trauma, the researchers found that a week of deep breathing exercises (known as Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) to help overcome feelings of anxiety, or the results for a month, a year later. A "deep breath" more than we imagined the meaning of.
Meditation is another technical help raise response relaxation therapy. The human brain scan image display reduced regular meditation activities increased pain related brain activity, emotional communication in all fields, and many other interests were injured or chronic anxiety state of meditation training for some of their injury or damage. The cause may still exist, but it rarely causes more trouble and cause less pain.

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