No harmful effects of amatoriale abstinence after abortion

Negligence, I had an unexpected pregnancy. Knowing I was pregnant the fetus was almost 6 weeks. I went to an abortion in a way that doctors called gently as possible. After an abortion, my very abdominal pain and bloody saw more in 2 days, day 3, the end, I felt better. Suggested my husband wanted to "relations" back. Although I felt better, but really do not want to "relations" with the right husband for fear unfortunately that affected would be dangerous. 

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Desiring consulting doctor help me, is there any harm if I "relationship" soon after abortion. Thank you! (B. Tram) 

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You B. Tram dear!

The sex soon after the abortion, the woman body is fully recovered yet is extremely dangerous. Apart from the risk of compromising your health, it can make you lose the ability to later mother. Some of the risk that you may experience if sex soon after abortion include: 

Impact of non-abstinence after an abortion 1 
sex soon after abortion can affect health health, even losing the ability to do the woman's mother later. Illustration

- Gynecological Infections: After an abortion, a woman's body may have an imbalance in hormones. So "private parts" are JAV SM not protected as well as it makes the bacteria will have a chance penetrate and cause gynecological inflammation. What you need is to abstain from sex for about 3-4 weeks after the abortion. If the body feels completely healthy yet should abstain "relationship" for a while longer 

- The risk of unintended pregnancy: The moment you abortions also be considered as starting a new menstrual cycle. This is also the time of the uterus lining can regenerate and ovulation. In the space of two weeks after the abortion, the risk is very high you get pregnant again.

- Adverse impacts on fertility: The disorder hormone when abortion will affect quite large on the health of women, besides that it also affects the menstrual cycle affect adversely reproductive health, it makes the genital area infested seriously impact reproductive function of women.

Also, after an abortion about 10 days, you must go to health facilities for inspection and prevent the pregnancy has not been taken out of all will affect your health. You should be healthy to fully recover, protect the health of yourselves! 

wish you happy and healthy!

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