4 things you probably didn't know about "it" after the age of 30

These changes from about 30 years will affect the work of the "strong" to do good or bad.
1." The 30 year old was highly uncertain what will happen"
We all know that began last year in the climax period of sexual life of women, until 30s the head. But this is not all.

Four things you probably never thought after the age of 30, he was a.
According to Dr. Leah massage Porn millheiser, director of the program of female sexual medicine in the Standford health care, many women feel surprised, testosterone levels, their libido began to decline from the age of more than 20. However, all the women had lower testosterone levels to 50% in the 20 - 50 year old stage.

The pressure of life at the age of 30 (work, family, friends and time, you can complete the training and physical exercise) interfere with sexual desire. Dr. millheiser said: "about sex, women's performance flexibility. This means that their desire to be more than the male element of the external influence. In other words, when life becomes difficult, pressure, your libido will sleep.


2. Vaginal dryness status may often occur

Not only because the testosterone content decreases, natural drying, vaginal contraceptive measures is a kind of in your choice.
You tend to use contraceptive measures in time, and then from 20 - 40 years old, according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center - the United States. The specific 75,3%, 40 - to 44 year old women who use contraception for women, 69,7% 30% and 34 year old woman 58,3 20 - 24.


If the choice of measure is the pill, the testosterone content will be strong. Dr. Alisa Dweck, Department of clinical sciences assistant breeding in gynecology, Sinai Medical College, said: "the pill makes you stop ovulation, from lower testosterone, while protein content increased by a link of testosterone. This means that there is something floating in the blood of free testosterone. Therefore, you will feel more dry, let him become uncomfortable ".
However, this problem can be solved using vaginal lubricant, but you should also have with gynecologist to take care of things.

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3. To reduce the frequency of lovemaking surprise

The couple said they reached the climax of happiness, love each other a week, according to a new study published in "social psychological and personality Science (Science of personality and social psychology).
Researchers have considered more than 30000 people to test data and, although often reduce the frequency of sex can reduce happiness, but "love" 2 times a week, two times it will make you a happy person. So, whenever you don't feel the pillow, quilt is dim, remember. 1 times a week, may be all you need.
Four." The above "does not need to be too difficult to obtain.
The culmination of work easier, more women when they survey results are based on national health behavior in the United states.
Because before the climax, more easily with you, you have to learn how to achieve it. Dr Dweck said: "the male orgasm shot - which means a multi cycle technology. But when a woman's orgasm, their brains must fully feel the feeling. Therefore, the key in the more than 20 year old also focus on the interaction of many women is the highest state of love sublimation, "". In these years, about 30 years old, they realized that the combination of these feelings and thoughts will take you to what you want".


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