The dead lobster death series: Department amature of the conclusion because the stocking density is too thick

Citizenship The incident of more than 520,000 lobster cultured in Song Cau Town (Phu Yen) suddenly died in mass, estimated losses can be over 400 billion. Many shrimp farmers here fall into the jungle, white hands because of how much savings and savings bank loans all poured here. 

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It is estimated that this series of dead lobsters killed more than 400 billion farmers in Phu Yen.
After the above incident, on 27/5 the authorities of Phu Yen province took the test sample and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) of Phu Yen province has concluded: Due to the density The culture Jav Cosplay is too thick in terms of the number of cages and number of cats per cage, surplus feed, waste from aquaculture, and water pollution in the culture area. On the other hand, the weather abruptly fluctuates sharply; At the same time, the area of ​​dead shrimp appeared algae causing partial lysis of dead lobsters.

The initial conclusion is that, but shrimp farmers still think it is incorrect and suspected of wasting the business. Accordingly, over the past few days, hundreds of people have gathered around the seafood processing factory of Nguyen Hung Company Limited in Xuan Phuong commune (Song Cau town) to ask for clarification of public suspicion. This company illegally discharge into the marine environment, killing lobster farming of the people.

On May 31, representatives of the People's Committee of Song Cau (Phu Yen) said that after the villagers reacted collectively because of the company's discharge caused dead lobster, the local government has many dialogues. Mobilize people waiting for the conclusion of the authorities.

In connection with this, Nguyen Hung Hung javhd previously acknowledged that in the past two months, the company has been overcoming the disinfection tank, settling tank and upgrading the wastewater treatment system of the plant to about 120 m 3 / day so the company only process to Aerotank. After that, the unit using the tank truck transported this amount of waste to the Phu Binh fishmeal processing plant for further treatment should not have the discharge of water polluting the environment. Currently the company has suspended operation, waiting for the test results of the authorities.

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People pulled back to Nguyen Hung Co., Ltd.'s collective response because it thought that the business of discharge caused lobster death.
Immediately after receiving news of people responding collectively, on 29/5 Mr. Tran Huu The - Vice Chairman of Phu Yen People's Committee directed the agency specialized water sampling in Nguyen Hung to give specific test.

He added: "If people do not trust people can rent independent units to test this problem. If the enterprise is really wrong, the PPC will deal with it according to current law. "

Implementing the instruction of the Phu Yen Provincial People's Committee, the provincial authorities have taken samples of wastewater at the facility to carry out the test. Expected, about a week to get official results.

The status of lobster farming in Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces has been scattered and numerous in the last two years. Before this situation, to rescue lobster in Phu Yen province has planned 1,600 hectares lobster farming with the motto of diversified farming, high technology, minimize pollution, avoid disease outbreak and diversify The culture model (rearing lobster will be oriented in open seas instead of only in closed ocean areas).

Mr. jav hd Nguyen Tri Phuong - Deputy Director of Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently assigned Phu Yen to strive to build step by step on lobster farming planning. So far, the Department has implemented the master plan and identify the area and some later stages are trying to perfect ...

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