Session 1: prudent cash flow, VN-Index still amatuer regain green color

However, before the stability of large capitalization and bluechips, VN-Index officially reversed its gains after two previous losing sessions. It is noteworthy that the cash flow was much cautious, resulting in a 34% decrease in liquidity compared to the previous session.

Contrary to concerns about "Sell in May and go away", May market increased quite well when receiving hot money flow "strong" flow. It seems that for this reason, in the last 2 sessions of May, the market received Jav Movie a correction, notably the more than 1% drop of VN-Index on 30th May, the strongest drop since the begin of the year.

Before this movement, many opinions on the market expressed concern and warned that the market went into a short-term decline. However, there are some positive comments that the rhythm of adjustment is only technical, the market in June will remain positive because this is the time when businesses will publish business results in the second quarter, With more forecasts being positive than first quarter.
And the first session of June showed some positive. After two consecutive losing sessions before, the market rebounded with the support of major bluechips and bluechips, despite being shaken by profit taking pressure. However, it is noteworthy that the cash flow into the market unexpectedly dropped sharply, when the total trading value on both bourses was just over 4,000 billion, down 34% compared to the previous session.
At the close,  with 135 gainers and 124 losers, the VN-Index gained 3.98 points (+ 0.54%) to 741.8 points. Total trading volume was 152.2 million shares for 3,595.8 billion VND. Of which, put-through transactions contributed 15.46 million shares valued at VND529.4 billion. NVL alone dealed 3.05 million units, worth VND206 billion; HSG deals 4.58 million units, worth 146.66 billion ...

Nurse Spanking

As mentioned above, large caps and bluechips contributed positively to today's rally. In the Top 10 largest caps HOSE, only two losers were BID and CTG, while two large gainers in the morning session were ROS and PLX.
In terms of score, VNM was the most active with 1.5% up to 151,900 VND / share, the highest price since listing.
On liquidity, ROS led the group with 4.895 million units to hand. BID and CTG were behind with 3.18 million and 1.658 million shares traded, both down 0.8%.
In basket VN30, SBT, KBC, SSI, STB, and MBB are both active in both the score and liquidity, contributing to many other codes.
Meanwhile, after only one session, the effect from the Ministry of Industry and Trade applying official safeguard measures to imported color steels into Vietnam quickly passed to the group of steel stocks, when the HPG, HSG, TLH, NKG ... declined.
Interestingly, HPG has jav online been bought by foreigners recently. The trading volume was over 1.5 million shares, nearly 2.6 million shares in the previous session. HPG closed 3.9 million shares, HSG more than 3 million shares.
Red color has also spread more in the real estate sector - construction or oil and gas, the typical codes are FLC, HQC, SCR, QCG, HBC, NLG, LDG, PPI ... or PVD, PVT, PXS, PGD ...
Due to the limitations of the advance, the liquidity codes on the HOSE this session is only 4-8 million units. The leader was HQC with 8.3 million, SCR of 7.6 million, FLC of 4.9 million ...
ROS bought a 24.9% stake in AMD, helping it gain the 4th consecutive ceiling price of VND18,000 / share and matching 1.269 million shares.

On the HNX,  HNX-Index continuously struggled strongly since the opening, but still in green.
At the close, the HNX-Index gained 0.08 points (+ 0.08%) to 93.99 points. Total trading volume reached 46.8 million shares valued at VND485.6 billion. Of which, put-through transactions contributed 4.6 million units worth 51.2 billion VND. Particularly, SHS reached 2.06 million units, worth VND20.65 billion; DL1 deals 1.56 million units, worth 16 billion.
The HNX30 has a strong divergence, so support is not too positive for the index. SHB had the market liquidity with 11.37 million units matched, but stood still at the reference price. Similarly, CEOs and HUT, the two codes matched more than 1 million units.
SHS, VCG, DCS, ACB and PVS share 1-2 million units. SHS, VCG, DCS gained points. Conversely, ACB and PVS declined.
On UPCoM,  the downward momentum was stronger at the close.
At the close, UPCoM-Index decreased 0.42 points (-0.72%) to 57.58 points. Total trading volume was 4.92 million shares with 66.14 billion VND. The agreement trade was VND47.33 billion.
DVN matched 1.023 million units, led the market and was quite large compared to other stocks such as SBS, HVN, TOP, PLX ... However, DVN continued to plunge 11.9% to VND22,900 / share. SBS has even hit the floor at 1,300 dong / share.
Only a few stocks such as HVN, TOP, VGT, VOC ... are gaining while many other big ones are GEX, ACV, SSN, SDI, SEA and QNS.

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