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Weight "surge" of nutrient foods for more than Javhd 100

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The healthy weight to determine what to eat? To determine a healthy weight, two groups of nutrition is the most important and you must enhance plug-in ratio, antioxidants help rid the body of waste and toxin protein is to establish your muscle bundle of materials to help determine the weight stable. Your diet, if you can not guarantee two groups of substances, green algae (also known as spirulina - super food is a great source of Spirulina nutrition) supplement two group material enough. Especially the nutrients in 100 are full of food, you need enough nutrition to human spirulina algae were WHO announced the "Spirulina food algae the ideal is the humanity in twenty-first Century". The sun is algae and algae sprilina 95% pure ingredients, vitamin C and minerals of zinc, which is the perfect natural food nutrients, gathered necessary things in need: want to lean body weight
1. Provide natural nutrition more than 100 of the needs of the body, which contains large amounts of p…

Session 1: prudent cash flow, VN-Index still regain green color

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Jav Gangbang
However, before the stability of large capitalization and bluechips, VN-Index officially reversed its gains after two previous losing sessions. It is noteworthy that the cash flow was much cautious, resulting in a 34% decrease in liquidity compared to the previous session.

Contrary to concerns about "Sell in May and go away", May market increased quite well when receiving hot money flow "strong" flow. It seems that for this reason, in the last 2 sessions of May, the market received Jav Movie a correction, notably the more than 1% drop of VN-Index on 30th May, the strongest drop since the begin of the year.

Before this movement, many opinions on the market expressed concern and warned that the market went into a short-term decline. However, there are some positive comments that the rhythm of adjustment is only technical, the market in June will remain positive because this is the time when businesses will publish business results in the second quarter, W…

The dead lobster death series: Department of the conclusion because the stocking density is too thick

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Citizenship The incident of more than 520,000 lobster cultured in Song Cau Town (Phu Yen) suddenly died in mass, estimated losses can be over 400 billion. Many shrimp farmers here fall into the jungle, white hands because of how much savings and savings bank loans all poured here. 

It is estimated that this series of dead lobsters killed more than 400 billion farmers in Phu Yen.
After the above incident, on 27/5 the authorities of Phu Yen province took the test sample and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) of Phu Yen province has concluded: Due to the density The culture is too thick in terms of the number of cages and number of cats per cage, surplus feed, waste from aquaculture, and water pollution in the culture area. On the other hand, the weather abruptly fluctuates sharply; At the same time, the area of ​​dead shrimp appeared algae causing partial lysis of dead lobsters.

The initial conclusion is that, but shrimp farmers still think it is incorrect and suspec…

What does the Hanoi Electricity say about summer vacation information?

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TPO - Representative of Hanoi Electricity Corporation (EVN HANOI), said the unit will ensure full power supply in hot season in the capital. Besides, there is no information on summer electricity price increase.

EVN HANOI insists that there will be enough electricity for the hot season and there will be no power cuts.
Recognized at Hoang Mai Power Company, especially the newly established district, the high urbanization rate, a series of high-rise buildings are putting great pressure on the power transmission system. According to a report by Hoang Mai Electricity Company, the average electricity use this summer is expected to increase by 70%, with the power output doubling from 2016.

EVN HANOI's electricity production statistics also show that in the first week of May 2017, electricity consumption increased by 110% to 128% compared to the previous month. Previously, in April 2017, despite the cool weather, the demand for electricity in Hanoi increased by 7 to 12% compared to 2016.