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Experience the adventure of a lifetime with America`s largest and most trusted balloon company since 1985.  If Yountville and Pope Valley are fogged in for hot air ballooning we shuttle passengers to our Paradisa Ranch hot air balloon launch site, which is nestled up against the eastern base of the Vaca Mountain range near the Putah Creek Wildlife Area , offering passengers a wonderful hot air balloon ride accessing wide open views into central valley`s agricultural farm land.This page will give you an opportunity to learn more about what to expect during your hot air balloon Napa Valley adventure.  As shown in the figure below, the weight of the hot air balloon is more concentrated near the bottom of the balloon (at the location of passengers and equipment), so the center of mass G of the hot air balloon is always below the center of buoyancy C. Therefore, the balloon is always stable during flight (i.e. it will always remain in the upright position).Martita and I, right hand of the picture with individuals that seemed to have enjoyed the ride as well. A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines , car rentals , cruise lines , hotels , railways , and package tours In addition to dealing with ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to making travel arrangements for business travelers and some travel agencies specialize in commercial and business travel only.After a highly successful inaugural year in 2015, Fantasy Balloon Flights is excited to announce that the Coachella Valley`s only hot air balloon festival is back for 2016.  Vegas Balloon Rides has grown to be one of the world`s largest operators of commercial hot air balloons, and Vegas` number one balloon ride company! As North America`s leading hot air balloon company, Vegas Balloon Rides (and its parent company Sundance Balloons) is committed to capturing the imagination, attention and memories of our customers. As we rise above the valley floor, panoramic views open up of the Napa Valley Wine growing region.Get your camera ready: some of the world`s most beautiful places are best seen from a hot-air balloon. This includes check-in, balloon inflation, the flight, pack-up, transportation back from the landing site, and a leisurely sit-down breakfast served in a restaurant setting in Yountville. We hope that our passengers will be able to set aside enough time to fully enjoy the magnificent experience of ballooning hot air balloon flying without feeling rushed. Napa hot air balloon rides (and pretty much all of Northern California) are always an early morning sport. Napa Valley`s ground floor is the primary launch area for all hot air balloon companies.
Fog (40% of mornings fog June - September months 2014) forces hot air balloon companies to launch outside of Napa Valley because of low visibility making flying unsafe. However, Napa Valley Aloft has exclusive rights to a viable alternate flight corridor in Napa Valley`s wine region Pope Valley, located Northeast of St. Helena. Napa Valley Aloft Balloon Rides offers a beautiful flight launching from historical Pope Valley Winery If Napa Valley is completely fogged in we offer (not mandatory) a flight from Paradisa Valley 1 hour (shuttled ride) away located in Putah Creek Wildlife Area.Our insurance meets the requirements of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for passenger travel in our ground vehicles is PUC-certified as required by law. We belong to several voluntary organizations which set standards for ballooning, including the Balloon Federation of America and the Professional Balloon Pilots Association of Napa County. San Francisco Bay Area is famous for it`s fog which occasionally moves into the Sonoma and Napa Valley. The balloons do not have doors, and a certain amount of flexibility and upper body strength are desirable for getting in and out of the hot air balloon.Sun glasses or binoculars are optional, but cameras are a must, so that you can take amazing hot air balloon photos. We provide complimentary shuttle service to our Napa Valley hot air balloon passengers who are staying in the immediate Yountville area. Our private hot air balloon ride is perfect for anniversaries, special occasions, marriage proposals, or just as a special memory for you and your guest. Our exclusive hot air Balloon adventure caters to families, couples, or adventurous friends seeking their solitude.Take in the views from a magnificent vantage point only available from a Hot Air Balloon. Hot air balloon passengers meet at V-Marketplace in the center of town and out of the cool morning weather. If they decide not to travel to this balloon launch site they are not charged and are able to reschedule on the next available day. We only fly in Paradisa on mornings that Napa Valley is completely fogged in, which occurs roughly 5% of flight days.Meet your host inside Domaine Chandon Winery in the heart of Napa Valley, and start your sunrise hot-air balloon experience with a pre-flight snack: coffee, tea, orange juice and pastries. Then, head out to the launch field with your group to watch your brightly colored balloon inflate. Relax while enjoying this classic American buffet breakfast and, after receiving your souvenir photo, toast your group with a glass of sparkling Domain Chandon wine; it`s the perfect way to celebrate your Napa Valley balloon flight! This ride was unbelievable, floating high and low above the beautiful Napa Valley.
The weather was beautiful and it was a great time to go so we could see the change of season in the air. I never had a desire to go on a hot air balloon ride, was doing it for my daughter`s birthday, but it was amazing! Click the link below to check pricing & availability on your preferred travel date. Viator is the world`s leading resource for researching, finding and booking the best travel experiences worldwide. Enjoy a pre-Valentine`s dinner at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa resort in the glow of a dozen colorful hot air balloons.The Cathedral City Hot Air Balloon Festival is in need of volunteers to assist with tasks during the festival that takes place Valentines weekend, Sat. But stepping aboard one of these hot-air balloons is a guaranteed way to rekindle a love of air travel. Although not ideal for those that are afraid of heights, or flying, there are companies and hot air balloon owners that offer special deals for these celebratory flights. You`ll see why we think everyone should have the experience of a hot-air balloon ride.Although ballooning is now popular in all corners of the globe, it began in France as the whim of two brothers, Jacques-√Čtienne and Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, who, in 1793, wowed Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by sending a hot-air balloon aloft over Versailles with three passengers: a sheep, a duck, and a rooster. Although out of the reach of many, the most common means of celebrating Hot Air Balloon Day is to take a hot air balloon ride.Cappadocia, Turkey This region of Turkey is renowned for its cave dwellings and underground attractions, but the view from the air is equally compelling. Dozens of firms offer balloon rides above Cappadocia`s fairy chimneys and arches, but be sure to go with a licensed company. The Serengeti, Tanzania A balloon safari provides a real perspective of the vast Serengeti ecosystem. The annual wildebeest migration, which began this month and during which huge herds travel in search of food and surface water, would be the perfect time to try it. The Outback, Australia The inaccessibility of the Outback means a balloon ride is a great way of getting a glimpse of Australia`s remote deserts.Dubai See giant sand dunes, green oases and wandering camels on a balloon ride above the desert outside Dubai. Balloon Adventures Emirates ( / ), licenced by the General Civil Aviation Authority, offers rides from Al Ain, an hour`s drive from Dubai. Gstaad, Switzerland For a winter hot air balloon ride over the Swiss Alps, with views of the surrounding Bernese Oberland, head to Gstaad. During the last week of every January, the International Balloon Festival in Chateau d`Oex takes place and several brightly-coloured balloons from all over the world fill the skies. Hot air balloon rides are popular during September and October as the weather cools down.